Because of the pandemic, I have had to transition to online instruction only.  I have extensive experience teaching online.  I was one of the first instructors at our college to design and implement online courses.  When I started tutoring, I began using online platforms with many of my college, international, and ACT - SAT students.  I will strive to make certain all students receive the same professional instruction that they would receive in person. 

If you are a new student, I will send you e-books and other handouts and routinely share additional study materials using the Skype or Zoom file and screen sharing features.  If you live close enough, I will also drop off books at your home.  If you live further away, I will send you books and learning materials through USPS priority mail. 

Please go to "Tutoring Locations" on my website for further information about online options. As we all endure huge changes in our daily lives, try to keep in mind that there are effective ways to continue your child's education. Please stay home and stay safe. 


 Bob Coscarelli

Tutoring Libertyville, IL, Lake County, IL 60048